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Pepper, Lemon, and Basil Risotto

The secrets behind a great and genuine ‘Risotto’ according to the recipe of a great and genuine Italian Chef.


Bom Sucesso Carolino Rice  – 240gr (8.4 oz)
Green and Red Pepper – 200gr (7 oz)
Lemon (zest) – 2
Leek – 150gr (5.2 oz)
Grated Cheese (Grana Padano) – 120gr (4.2 oz)
Cream  – 2 Tbsp
Vegetable Stock – 2 lt (8.4 c)
Basil – to taste
Olive Oil – to taste


Half cook the rice for 8 minutes.


On the side, sauté the leek with little olive oil, add peppers that have been cut into small cubes, add the rice and pour the stock to start the cooking process.


Before serving, and away from the heat, add a lemon zest, cheese, broken basil, and the cream. Mix it blowing air into the risotto so it is connected and foaming.


Best served with julienne basil and the remaining lemon zest.


Chef Tips:

Pepper should be slightly al dente. If there is no fresh basil, frozen basil may be used preserved in olive oil or as pesto. Best served with young mineral white wine or Rose sparkling wine.