Orivárzea has been investing in the most advanced technology since its creation aiming at an apparently paradoxical yet clear purpose: never stop producing rice with artisan characteristics. Orivárzea believes more than ever that for a brand to be unique and grow within the market, it must meet the consumer requirements. And the consumer wishes for more authenticity and quality that only an extremely gentle production can provide.


This is how Orivárzea sees technology: not like and end itself but rather the means to offer the best rice in Portugal to its customers that is profitable to its farmers. This concern begins in the control of the seeds that are produced by the company and ends in the transport of the packed product to the dealers.


Thanks to this proactive and collective philosophy that has always inspired the company; the purchase of state-of-art equipment is shared by all farmers and made profitable in its intensive and shared use. Whether it be in the most modern fleet of harvesters, or silos with air conditioning, or the most modern industrial line in the country for peeling and packaging rice – installed from scratch in 2010 at the agro-industrial unit of Salvaterra de Magos -, the concern remains the same: to produce unique rice and take it to the consumer.


To add to all the technological investment, here comes human investment. A qualified technical team ensures a high professional level at all crop, production, and commerce stages, national and international, adding the pride of producing the best rice in Portugal to professional recognition.

Quality Control



Orivárzea is a certified company in terms of quality management according to ISO 9000:2008 standards. That only is an absolutely solid guarantee of the utmost respect to the extreme quality control criteria available worldwide.


The HACCP-Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point system is added to that control, in terms of Codex Alimentarius, which brings all quality guarantees for the end product that reaches the consumer within its packages.


This control undergoes detailed screening from the cultivated rice fields by this group of rice producers to the hands of the consumer. The technical department is fitted with specific equipment for early quality control of each grain. Orivárzea harmonises production advice for certain varieties, carries out seed sowing schedules and crop operations, as well as harvest dates.


Its technicians determine and supervise treatment and pest control methods. The drying and preservation processes are also strictly controlled by the technical team at Orivárzea with continuous monitoring of the temperature and moistness levels and control of biologic and microbiological contamination.

But the highest quality control assurance is not foreign. It arises from the quality criteria that Orivárzea farmers have imposed on themselves, which have always had the highest standards. For one quite simple reason: if the quality of the product is not the best, Orivárzea cannot change supplier.


Orivárzea is the only rice-producing company in Portugal that is also responsible for its sales, which makes all the difference in terms of quality. Providing the consumer with the assurance that this product is genuine, its origin, and traceability.