Our History


The history of Orivárzea goes back to 1997, when the ten most important rice producers in Lezíria Ribatejana decided to join hands and produce and sell rice of excellence with unique qualities, which was intended to reach the end consumer at a fair price.


The profitability of production means and the settlement of a project based on a spirit of solidarity and mutual aid attracted new farmers very quickly, the number of which has been growing over the years reaching the current 37 associates with 5000 hectares planted. All from Ribatejo, all rice producers, all faithful to the principles of certification ensuring rice that is well above the official quality standards with an absolute grasp on the production process, from the seeds produced by Orivárzea to its placement on the supermarket shelf.


However, Orivárzea’s tradition was born a long time before 1997. Privileged birthplace of rice cultivation in Portugal since late 19th century, Lezíria Ribatejana has been witness to generations of farmers passing through its large plains, who have been taught – through time and practice – the secrets of producing rice of excellence in the Tagus Estuary.


Descending from these pioneers with an already secular heritage in traditional rice production and sales, Orivárzea associates have entered the 21st century market chalking up antiquity and future vision, which turned this brand into a reference in the production of quality rice in Portugal and all through Europe.   The quality of Carolino Rice produced by Orivárzea in Lezíria Ribatejana is so unique that this product is nowadays exported beyond the national market into the Swiss, Polish, and Belgian markets.


In addition, companies as demanding as Danone/Milupa and BENEO-Remy – which are references in the child food market -, currently entrust the quality of Orivárzea rice with the strict preparation of their products, this being their selected raw material.   It is clear that as it happens with almost all exceptional products, Orivárzea’s secret is in the care provided by a limited quantity to all production stages. The thing is that contrary to most available rice brands, rice produced by Orivárzea is entirely cultivated by its associates at the Lezíria Ribatejana. Since production is limited, and Orivárzea never buys rice from other producers, the harvest for the year might run out at the end of the summer. The new harvest arrives in the fall.