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Vitor Sobral

Chef Vítor Sobral is a great reference of Portuguese cuisine.


Known for his unusual modernisation of our traditional dishes, he maintains the typical Portuguese flavours and spices adding detail from other stops.


It is inevitable to speak of haute cuisine since it combines the most innovative cuisine techniques with the most genuine Portuguese products. Born in 1967, on the south of the Tagus River, Vítor Sobral’s flavours stem from the Coast of Alentejo.


Extra virgin olive oil, pastured meat, and the fish within our coast are only a few examples of the main protagonists in his kitchen. In March 2006, the title of Commander of the Order of Prince Henry was bestowed on Vítor Sobral by Portuguese President Jorge Sampaio for his efforts, gift, and talent.


He is food consultant for several food brands and restaurants. Vítor Sobral is certainly one of the most famous Portuguese chefs.


The wonders that come out of his hands created from rural Portuguese tradition, with a great influence from Alentejo, may be tasted in his restaurant Tasca da Esquina, in Campo de Ourique, Lisbon, which opened in 2007.

Cabidela Rice

Vitor Sobral won the International Meeting on Rice award organised by the International Academy of Gastronomy in Castellon, Spain, with this recipe.