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Miguel Bértolo

Miguel Bértolo was born in Lisbon in 1978. When he was only 11 he realised that the kitchen could be a critical adventure where he began experimenting with suggestions from cooking shows with the flavour of his imagination.


Trained in plastic arts, his work has always been a reflection of the importance of detail, the elegance of lines, and the appreciation of the raw essence within each ingredient. Aspects which have established a natural affinity to Japanese cuisine. The combination between his sensitivity and aesthetics joined to an entrepreneurial style has moulded his creative and independent career.


After gaining greater knowledge from several renowned Portuguese chefs, he became a sushi specialist.


After a long Japanese learning marathon, Miguel Bértolo left for Japan, where he consolidated his research and took on a leading role in the kitchen.


In April 2007, he opened the Sushill Out restaurant, in Alfama, and began to put into practice his gastronomic works of art. The elegance and creativity of Japanese cuisine have found an original and tempting proposal in the merge with the best Portuguese product.


The art of not being noticed, along with the subtlety of being distinguished, is his motto in the Japanese and merged cuisine, which translates into the ‘art of emphasising what nature has to offer’.

Sushill Out

Learn to cook a Japanese delight from the master.