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Augusto Gemelli

Augusto Gemelli was born in Italy, in July 1967. In 1984, he graduated from Milan Hotel Management School.


He became interested in haute cuisine at a very early stage and was a cook for great Italian chefs like Claudio Sadler, Gualtiero Marchesi, and Umberto Vezzoli, gaining a more prominent position in Milan restaurants. At the age of 22 he opened his first restaurant, L’Incontro, in Milan, together with his friend, the talented maître Monique Fugulin.


Two years later, the turning point came. Still very young for an entrepreneurial career, he decided to combine his journey as a chef to a lifetime dream: to travel. France, England, Argentina, Puerto Rico, and India were the main stops on this journey during which he became acquainted with the local cuisine and began fostering his interest in the fusion cuisine concept by using the most varied ingredients and different cooking techniques.


He arrived in Portugal in 1996, invited to take part in a new catering project connected to Italian cuisine.  In late 1999 he finally found a small space which he turned into a cosy little restaurant where he began to harvest his signature cuisine in Portuguese territory. In 2003, his alternative Italian food restaurant was voted the best in the country according to one of the most important magazines within this sector. From then on, he began collecting many awards, among which the ‘3 garfos’ (3 forks) prize stood out at the official Lisbon restaurant contest. His work is also appraised internationally according to American guide Zagat.


Gemelli tries to invoke senses into his customers without forgetting his Italian roots, although looking for inspiration in the wide Portuguese world, always combining his food proposals with the new gourmet movement in Portugal within the restaurant that bears his name: ‘Gemelli’.

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