Sugestões do Chefe

Henrique Mouro @en

The Chef of the oldest and most sophisticated restaurant in Portugal.

Seafood Rice with Lobster

Flavour and sophistication in a recipe of sea inspiration.

Nuno Barros @en

Born after the revolution of 1974, he showed interest in pots and pans at a very early age.

Fried Rice Pudding

A Rice Pudding Recipe as you have never seen (or tasted).

Augusto Gemelli @en

Augusto Gemelli was born in Italy, in July 1967. In 1984, he graduated from Milan Hotel Management School.

Pepper, Lemon, and Basil Risotto

The secrets behind a great and genuine ‘Risotto’ according to the recipe of a great and genuine Italian Chef.

Miguel Bértolo @en

After gaining greater knowledge from several renowned Portuguese chefs, he became a sushi specialist.

Sushill Out

Learn to cook a Japanese delight from the master.

Vitor Sobral @en

Chef Vítor Sobral is a great reference of Portuguese cuisine.

Cabidela Rice

Vitor Sobral won the International Meeting on Rice award organised by the International Academy of Gastronomy in Castellon, Spain, with this recipe.

Brief History of Rice

Rice is one of the cereals that have been consumed for the longest, although the correct time it began cultivation is difficult to determine.

Lezíria Ribatejana

A green, aquatic, plain, and homogeneous world. An environment-respecting agriculture.